Inventflow REpair & Maintenance

Your production is insured with our total maintenance solutions

Inventflow is the best when it comes to total maintenance. We are able to perform periodic checks, repairs and maintenance on-site or in our workshop. Our own mechanics and engineers complete all work. Any work we do is recorded and photographed for optimal transparency.
We reduce risks and save time and money by performing maintenance when it is needed the most. Nothing is done without approval and clear reasoning. We can perform flow readings, as well as vibration analysis and can align all pumps.

Maintenance contracting

You can choose for a maintenance contract with Invenflow. We record all pumps and valves at your facility and create a contract including costs for all spare parts and labour hours. There is also the option to have the spare parts stored at in our warehouse to save space at your facility. This then also allows for rapid shipment of parts in case of pump or valve failure. You are always protected against downtime.

Testing facility

Following a repair or overhaul of your pump, you most likely would like to be assured that the pump is fully functional, and make sure it conforms to your standards. At our facility in Almelo we have a large testing facility where we test and analyse all pumps before sending them back to a customer. This way we can guarantee that the pump will be fully functional upon return.

All mechanical seals inside the pumps are tested for leakage.

Inventflow Service Center 3.0

Inventflow Service Center 3.0 is a valuable tool to help manage - in a timely manner - maintenance of pumps and valves. It simplifies preventive maintenance and can be applied in small and large facilities.
We keep our own stock

Inventflow has a large supply of pumps. This enables us to solve problems in case of calamities. For both hygienic and industrial applications.

We have a fully stocked warehouse with parts for pumps available immediately, such as bearings, o-rings, seals and other wear parts.

24/7 service and engineering

Inventflow has a 24/7 service and maintenance team that is available for all questions and requests. Our team can help solve unexpected problems, and if required, a mechanic can be sent to your facility to help with repairs.

All stock items can be shipped to you around the clock.

Inventflow works according to the following certifications


All of our employees work according to this cerfication


Safety is our number 1 priority and we are therefore VCA* certified

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